Car smash repair process | Franknaz Collision Center – Panel beater Preston

1. Assessment & Quote

Once your car is delivered to us, we will take pictures and assess how much damage has actually occurred. Your trained consultant will then put together an estimate. Once you or your insurer has signed off, your car smash repair process begins.
When undertaking repairs privately, there is no insurance assessment, the benefit from this is that the process is much quicker!
Sometimes further damage is identified during the disassembly process, which we will notify you about immediately.

2. Parts Ordering

Depending on your vehicles make and model, parts can begin to arrive within a few hours, however parts for some imported vehicles can take longer to arrive.
We will keep you informed of any delays in the ordering process.

3. Disassembly

Once all correct parts have arrived, our team will begin disassembly and prepare for repairs. If any additional damage is detected, we will inform you or your insurance company about it.
Only once you have agreed to any extra repairs will we begin the car smash repair work.

4. Chassis & Panel Repair

Structural and panel repairs are carried out by our expert team using the latest technology and equipment, ensuring the finished repair is “as good as new”.
We then thoroughly check your vehicle before proceeding to the painting stage.

5. Preparation And Painting

Your vehicle is prepared for painting. Paint is applied in our dust free, climate controlled spray booth. Your vehicle is then treated to ensure durability and the highest quality paint-job.

6. Buff And De-Nibb

Once the new paint has cured, we diligently inspect it for quality control. Your vehicle is de-nibbed for any minor imperfection and then buffed and polished.


Your vehicle is reassembled and quality-checked to ensure all repairs and parts meet with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

8. Quality Control

One final check before your vehicle is ready to be picked up, this check ensures your vehicle is as good as new. Once your vehicle has passed our final quality check, we will notify you that it is ready to be picked up or delivered!

This concludes the car smash repair process.